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the “housing industrialization” green era

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  Sunway Steel Building, embracing the “housing industrialization” green era
  Housing industrialization aims for finished products-housing, perfectly combines each production factor by intergrated operation, reducing intermediate links and finally raising labor productivity, residential quality and performance. In the wake of the reform and opening-up policy, domestic building industry has undergone major development and made remarkable achievemetns. As the priority among priorities in modernization of building industry, housing industrialization, the concept of which was proposed formly in 1994, has been on the way to flourish after more than 20 years of development, showing great vigor and vitality.
  Housing industrialization is of great importance to national economy. As a factory-like line production of building design standardization for housing production, factory-like member manufacturing, housing parts serialization, site construction assemblage, civil engineering integration and production & management socialization, with housing construction by modern industrialized production mode, the development of housing industrializaiton will effectively solve the conflicts between housing supply and demand, radically improving the quality of housing products. Moreover, the continuous improvement of housing industrialization is also conductive to the development of real estate, building, light industry, metallurgy and other industries, promoting social stability and prosperity.
  Relying on its professional design, superior equipment, rigorous engineering capability, Sunway takes housing industrialization as development opportunities and objectives, makes contributions in the rapis development of housing industrialization and wins its rightful place in the trend of times. Through housing industrialization, Sunway will build its brand, strive to promote the standardization, large-scale, scientization and ordering of the company, realize the transformation and upgrading of the company from a steel structure manufacturing enterprise to a comprehensive service-type enterprise integrating steel structure design, manufacturing and processing and make Sunway a sound sustainable and excellent company.
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