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  Sunway steel building has witnessed extraordinary entrepreneurship and development process supported by friends from all circles.
  Sunway steel building, founded in 1994, has developed from three tile-roofed houses to standard factory covering 50,000㎡ and from single product manufacture to steel structure system integration service providers. Step by step, the company has seen the completion of the first multilayer steel structure building (comprehensive office building of Construction Department of Shandong Province) in Shandong Province, the launching ceremony of the first annular over-bridge in Shandong Province and the inaugural ceremony of Beijing South Railway Station…
  The see is vast because all rivers run into it. The enterprise has overcome difficulties one after another, and underwent reform and innovation. Groups of younger students have grown into designers, engineers and technicians after joining the company, who rush to one after one project site, bearing the dream and expectation of the company and striving for bigger and bigger beliefs and stronger and stronger strength.
  Mountain of massiness expresses its vigorousness after the vicissitudes. Over the past 20-year, our company has been taking quality as life, adhering to the spirit of craftsman Lu Ban and devoting to improvement of steel structure building with great concentration and strenuous efforts, revealing the development track of company by working steadily.
  Sunway steel building has made its steel rib and benevolence with its exquisiteness and embracive tolerance. Never give up and continue to pursue better, we are looking forward to your participation for building dreams together, cooperation with you to march towards glory together and serving for you to grow together.
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