Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd.
Engineering design

Engineering design

  We are qualified with Class A Design Qualification, has the specialized design and    R & D department, established the independent perfect steel structure engineering design, the optimization and the detail system. In order to establish the engineering material comparison database, we not only control the reliability and economy of the structure, but also the category, performance, selection and combination of traditional enclosure materials and new maintenance materials.Ourl design is not only more applicable, safer and more economical, but also more artistic in architecture
  Yang Weisheng, chairman of 3D steel structure, has a master's degree in engineering, a national first-class constructor and senior economist. The company has 2 first-class structural engineers, 15 registered constructors, more than 30 senior managers, 200 production and manufacturing professionals, and more than 300 on-site construction personnel. It is the practice base and school running cooperation unit of Zaozhuang Vocational College of science and technology. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, science and technology first", and realizes the steady improvement of enterprise talent quality and technical strength. At present, it has formed a comprehensive human resource system integrating design, detail drawing, manufacturing, construction, international trade and other professionals
  We established a material process comparison library, which classifies and matches according to material performance, price and quality, and establishes node processing mode of various materials. On the other hand, it is necessary to establish an internal library of enterprise work, which is used as the collection library of technology research and development, customer information and the preparation Library of material and process comparison, so as to form a platform of resource information and speed up the transmission rate and efficiency of resources.
Steel structure fabricating

Steel structure fabricating

  Shandong Sunway Steel Building has a complete production system of main structure, secondary structure, purlin, and structural accessories (such as edge closing, support, gutter and downpipe), as well as non-standard metal structure parts production system. We also provide serial and customized steel structure processing services for owners.
  Since its establishment in 2002, Sunway has developed steadily in the past 18 years.
  For qualification, we have grade A qualification for steel structure engineering design and Class one qualification for construction;
  In terms of hardware, Sunway currently has 52,000 ㎡ of factory building, 3800 ㎡ of finished product turnover warehouse, 4000 ㎡ open sky material yard, 2 light steel production lines and 3 heavy steel production lines, including high-rise steel building’s H-beam production line and C-shaped steel production line;
  In terms of software, the company is equipped with Tecla software, ERP software and the latest engineering design software, and has sent people to Beijing to study and continuously improve software operation skills;
  In terms of talents, we have established a team of management and technical personnel with reasonable structure and complete specialties.
Project construction

Project construction

  Under the management and guidance of the company's engineering department and project manager, the installation construction is one of the technical system principles of  Sunway. We have more than 20 senior project managers and registered constructors. Each project is equipped with a professional project management team. For large projects, double project manager system is implemented to comprehensively manage our construction projects, well follow the progress, better to control the quality, safety and environment, to cooperate with the owner, the general contractor, the supervisor and other construction teams to do cross operation and interface operation. With our good performance on the construction, we have won the title of provincial and municipal "work safety unit" for many times.
  Shandong Sunway Steel adheres to the concept of people-oriented, scientific development and safe development. Every time of construction, it adheres to clarify the project responsibility, establish a special department to investigate potential safety hazards, consolidate the safety foundation, prevent and control in conformity with legal provisions, and supervise according to law.
  On the one hand, strengthen the leadership, clear responsibilities and establish special departments. For each construction project, special business management and docking are carried out, and the combination of cross operation and interface operation is implemented. We have really achieved "conscientious and responsible, responsibility to people, safety to production".
  On the other hand, perfect the system and standardize the management. Establish and improve the safety production system and strengthen the standardization, normalization and scientific construction. In depth implementation of the responsibility system of safety production, strict assessment, reward and punishment, realized the responsibility of "seamless docking".
  In recent years, the company has undertaken and participated in the comprehensive building of Shandong Provincial Construction Department, No.5 and No.6 residential buildings of Jinan Kaixuan new town, comprehensive office building of Zaokuang group, Mauritian airport, parking building of Guangzhou reconstruction company, Tengzhou Ginza shopping mall, Tengzhou true love mall, Tengzhou ring overpass, etc. With the construction concept of integrity management and always endeavoring to do still better, has won wide praise from our partners.
Technological consultation

Technological consultation

  To provide technical suggestions and cost analysis for the owners and designers, according to the use requirements, put forward economic structural design, enhance the rationality of it, and provide suggestions for optimization and deepening design, so as to make the design more perfect, the structure safer and more reasonable.
  Shandong Sunway Steel Building from its own point of view, set up a R&D Institute to create a good atmosphere of innovation, through the design institute to jointly optimize, sort out, discuss, according to the use requirements of partners and owners, to ensure the scientific, feasibility and rationality of the design scheme.
  From the market point of view, the network marketing should be combined with offline marketing, the promotion should be strengthened, and the integrated housing should be taken as the breakthrough point, and the national sales cooperation system should be established to increase the market share and the project quantity.
  From the perspective of resource integration, we should actively cooperate with the upstream and downstream industrial chain, give full play to the leading role of the construction industrialization demonstration base, at the same time, we will prepare to establish industrial alliance, hold industry seminars, industry forums and technological innovation activities regularly, establish industrial cooperation standard process, accelerate the integration of industrial resources, and provide a good platform for owners and designers to strengthen communication and business exchanges.