Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd.
Engineering design

Engineering design

  We are qualified with Class A Design Qualification, has the specialized design and    R & D department, established the independent perfect steel structure engineering design, the optimization and the detail system. In order to establish the engineering material comparison database, we not only control the reliability and economy of the structure, but also the category, performance, selection and combination of traditional enclosure materials and new maintenance materials.Ourl design is not only more applicable, safer and more economical, but also more artistic in architecture
  Yang Weisheng, chairman of 3D steel structure, has a master's degree in engineering, a national first-class constructor and senior economist. The company has 2 first-class structural engineers, 15 registered constructors, more than 30 senior managers, 200 production and manufacturing professionals, and more than 300 on-site construction personnel. It is the practice base and school running cooperation unit of Zaozhuang Vocational College of science and technology. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, science and technology first", and realizes the steady improvement of enterprise talent quality and technical strength. At present, it has formed a comprehensive human resource system integrating design, detail drawing, manufacturing, construction, international trade and other professionals
  We established a material process comparison library, which classifies and matches according to material performance, price and quality, and establishes node processing mode of various materials. On the other hand, it is necessary to establish an internal library of enterprise work, which is used as the collection library of technology research and development, customer information and the preparation Library of material and process comparison, so as to form a platform of resource information and speed up the transmission rate and efficiency of resources.