Shandong Sunway Steel Building Co., Ltd.
Technological consultation

Technological consultation

  To provide technical suggestions and cost analysis for the owners and designers, according to the use requirements, put forward economic structural design, enhance the rationality of it, and provide suggestions for optimization and deepening design, so as to make the design more perfect, the structure safer and more reasonable.
  Shandong Sunway Steel Building from its own point of view, set up a R&D Institute to create a good atmosphere of innovation, through the design institute to jointly optimize, sort out, discuss, according to the use requirements of partners and owners, to ensure the scientific, feasibility and rationality of the design scheme.
  From the market point of view, the network marketing should be combined with offline marketing, the promotion should be strengthened, and the integrated housing should be taken as the breakthrough point, and the national sales cooperation system should be established to increase the market share and the project quantity.
  From the perspective of resource integration, we should actively cooperate with the upstream and downstream industrial chain, give full play to the leading role of the construction industrialization demonstration base, at the same time, we will prepare to establish industrial alliance, hold industry seminars, industry forums and technological innovation activities regularly, establish industrial cooperation standard process, accelerate the integration of industrial resources, and provide a good platform for owners and designers to strengthen communication and business exchanges.